About Me

I'm Neriah McBain. A Brooklyn born, camera-slinging, digital-rendering, visual artist with a knack for the minimalistically beautiful. I love to create, whether it be from scratch or to reinvent something old into something new. Photography just so happens to be my outlet of choice.

I picked up a camera in 2008 as a way to recreate the world through my eyes. I fell in love with the process and decided to invest in a DSLR and apply myself fully to a craft that proved to be more of an art than a science. Since then, I've worked with numerous clients ranging from actors portraits to corporate heads shots, product photography and fashion look books but through it all I've found my love for photography in the people I capture.

I am a portrait photographer who loves to show a genuine side to people through engaging my subjects and bringing out the best in each and every person I photograph. Above all, I'm a creator seeking to create with those looking for a talent capable of executing at the highest level, who just so happens to love to have fun while doing it.

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