Behind the Scenes of a Swim Suit Shoot

Model: Alyssa Heartbreak of EMG Models in Icon Swim Bikini

Model: Alyssa Heartbreak of EMG Models in Icon Swim Bikini

I got the opportunity to create something fun the other day. Alyssa reached out to me about photographing these swimsuits from Icon Swim but wanted something that really screamed “Summer time” without having to do a conventional beach shoot. After a short brainstorming session, I just so happen to remember I have a backyard and what better way to break a swim suit in than a kiddie pool and lawn chair?! So after a quick trip to acquire a mini pool at Target, we reconvened to the backyard, got to pumping, and set up for what would turnout to be an epic backyard bikini shoot. Here goes the Behind the Scenes footage from our shoot:

If you’re interested in how you can do your own backyard (or park) bikini photo shoot, I’ve listed below where you can find some of the props used to make this set come together (minus the French Bulldog).


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