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Small Business & Influencer Branding Packages

As a small business or influencer, your branding dictates people’s initial and lasting perception of who you are. A successful brand self-promotes, stimulates a unique experience, and offers consistency in the quality of the products and/or services it offers. A major part of your branding is in the development of your image that is consistent with what your brand has to offer.

Why Book a Branding Photography Package?

You’re a business owner that cares about the growth and longevity of your brand. You care about your user experience, how your customer connects to your brand, and the culture surrounding your brand identity. Hiring a photographer who understands these principles, who works with you side by side in developing concepts and strategizing, and produces high quality content that can be used across all your channels will help tell your brand story and establish your brand identity.

All our packages for branding include a free consultation to discover who you are as a business, the culture surrounding your brand, and the story you’re aiming to convey through proper creative direction and execution. How can we help tell your brand’s story?


  1. Choose and purchase your branding package here.

  2. We’ll contact you to schedule your consultation to assess your branding needs, conceptualize, and map out dates and times.

  3. We start shooting your content and get you digital proofs from each session overnight!

Client: Hairloom Curls

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Client: Percell Dugger - Goodwrk

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Alyssa Heartbreak x Icon Swim

Ashley Brignolle Make Up Campaign

Nadia Tayeh Make Up Artist

NeriahMc, New York City Portrait Photographer

My name is Neriah McBain, the photographer behind NeriahMc Photography. I’m a Brooklyn based portrait photographer who specializes in connecting with people and creating an environment that’s comfortable, fun, and easy to work in. I pride myself in my ability to always capture a photograph that speaks to its viewer; telling a story about my client that represents the best version of yourself. In essence, capturing the spirit. Whether it be to make a compelling first impression with a professional headshot for a potential employer or casting director, a family portrait that captures the love you share, or to build your social presence with imagery that narrate a story you want to tell. I am here to make that process simple, easy and seamless. My goal is to create an experience that gives you control of your message thru my stylized lens.