Why Book A Portrait Session?

A portrait should be a reflection of a person’s being. A small peak into your spirit - in picture form. Chances are you’ve been thinking about having your portrait taken but you aren’t sure of who to go to, if it’s worth it, or that maybe you aren’t photogenic and I’ll be the first to tell you that you concerns are warranted. A portrait is a peak into who you are and the right photographer will make it their duty to see to it that your likeness is true to you. Booking a portrait session with us, we make one guarantee, and that’s that you’ll leave not only feeling good about yourself, but knowing that you got photographs you’ll be excited about.


  1. Choose and purchase your package here.

  2. We'll contact you to discuss all the details of your session including the date and time of your photoshoot.

  3. We capture your portraits and get your digital proofs to you overnight!

NeriahMc, New York City Portrait Photographer

My name is Neriah McBain, the photographer behind NeriahMc Photography. I’m a Brooklyn based portrait photographer who specializes in connecting with people and creating an environment that’s comfortable, fun, and easy to work in. I pride myself in my ability to always capture a photograph that speaks to its viewer; telling a story about my client that represents the best version of yourself. In essence, capturing the spirit. Whether it be to make a compelling first impression with a professional headshot for a potential employer or casting director, a family portrait that captures the love you share, or to build your social presence with imagery that narrate a story you want to tell. I am here to make that process simple, easy and seamless. My goal is to create an experience that gives you control of your message thru my stylized lens.